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Traditional marketing is not as effective as it once was. Projected advertising spending online is projected to near $62 Billion by 2016, while companies are continually decreasing their traditional advertising spending in print mediums like newspapers and magazines. Despite the statistics stating that US adults are spending more of their tim online, many advertisers are still using their advertising dollar in means which are most likely not getting used. 
Over 6.2 billion people are now online and 7.9 new internet users are added per second says data from InternetWorldStats.com. Of the billions of online advertising options, marketers must create the right strategy to enture they will reach their targeted customers.

Social Magnitude Tour of Online Advertising Services


Online Advertising Options:

Search Engine Optimization
Organic Google search results are the results throughout the web that Google has deemed teh most relevant to the keywords being searched. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on bringing your site to th efront of Google, or other search engines, results. SEO takes more tim to see results, but the long term benefits are great.

Search Engine Pay Per Click Advertising
These advertisements mimic search results, however they are paid advertisements. Advertisers compete with each other in real tim for the top positioning in the search engine results per keyword. Pricing differs per the competitiveness of the keyword.

Social Media Marketing
The benefits of marketing through social media are growing every day. It's a low cost way to generate exposure for your brand, entise sales WHEN prospects are interested and a great way to interact with your customer base. Most business owners do not have time to maintain an effective social media pressence online, and many companies do not have the capitol to hire a full tim Social Media Specialist at the average over $65K/year salary. Social Magnitude weighs all social media options and creates a graphically enhanced campaign that keeps your customers engaged with:

• Daily Posts
• Interacting with Customers
• Contests
• Coupons or Discounts
• Customer Appreciation
• Tips & Industry Tricks
• Much More!

Social Media Advertising
Each social media site has customized advertising products. Social Magnitude structures and maintains effectivve campaigns that utilize the newest features of each social media site.

Banner & Link Advertising
Paid banners and links can be found almost everywhere on the web. Social Magnitude uses their 12 years of professional graphic design background to create effective advertisements, then maintain customer campaigns throughout the internet to put their customer's brands in front of their target market.

Celebrity Sponsorships
Through tweets, posts and blogs the most followed people online are available to reccomend a product. We work with celebrities to find sponsorhip as well as businesses to matche up to the perfect personality to promote their brand within their budget.

With every aspect of our company we tractk and report our successes. WIth each success, we find what is working for our clients and with the ever-changing online world, we are able to branch into new marketing ideas as needed.

Get Started!
Every business is differend and we have several different packages to ensure you are getting the best online exposure for your business within your budget. for each new client, we provide a free consultation with an online marketing specialist who will go over your goals and determine the perfect solution to reach them.



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